Pattern recognition programs to provide a probability of the detection of a pattern in the EEG that is commonly present in clinically defined individuals such as Mild Traumatic Brain Injured Patients (University of Maryland publication) and the Department of Defense Discriminant Function and Learning Disabled Children. *


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* Please note that only EEG recorded using a linked ears reference is to be used with the discriminant functions.  Some amplifier systems such as the Mitsar, Nicolet and Neuroscan/NuAmp/Synamp amplifiers are not to be used to evaluate the discriminant functions.  Also, other constraints such as age must be adhered to as well as a history of learning disabilities or a history of mild traumatic brain injury. The TBI discriminant function is not designed to detect moderate to severe TBI, only individuals with a history of Mild TBI should be evaluated with the TBI discriminant function. Discriminant functions are not to be used for purposes of diagnosis, but rather to confirm or disconfirm a hypothesis and to more deeply explore which aspects of brain function may be contributing to a patient's symptoms and complaints.  Under FDA filings only competent and qualified individuals are to use NeuroGuide and the discriminant functions. 


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