EEG and QEEG Analysis System


NeuroGuide the most informative and comprehensive Conventional EEG and QEEG analysis system available.  Modern and simple to use Windows Functions provide for Automatic Artifact Rejection, Dynamic FFTs with Comparisons to FFT Lifespan Eyes Open and Eyes Closed Norms covering the age from Birth to 82 years of age. NeuroGuide includes re-Montaging to Average Reference or reference free Current Source Density (CSD) or Bipolar Montages, JTFA Instantaneous Power, Coherence, Phase Differences, Burst Metrics and Phase Reset and Bi-Spectral Analyses.  NeuroGuide is also designed for use with the LORETA Key Institute Source Localization software for registration with the Talarich MRI Atlas from the Montreal Neurological Institute.   NeuroGuide provides tab delimited output files of the edited EEG and the analyses that can be imported into any statistical package or database management system, NeuroGuide includes a TBI & LD discriminant functions, as well as an integrated statistical package as well as predictions of neuropsychological test scores using the Brain Performance Index.

NeuroGuide Dynamic Editing Window.   Split-Half Reliability and FFT Normative Comparisons of Selected Segments

Reduces Artifact


Easy KEY Inst. LORETA Integration of Selected EEG Segment or the Artifact Free Record Used for QEEG Report Writing



Unique Features

·  Lifespan Normative Comparisons (N = 625):  Rel. Power, Abs. Power, Power Ratios, Coherence, Phase and Amp. Asymmetry.

·  Automatic Artifact Rejection with Manual Editing Capability.

·  Multiple EEG File Imports (Lexicor, NeuroScan, EDF, Cadwell, ASCII, Mindset, Mitsar, XLTEK, DeyMed, BrainMaster & others)

·  Instantaneous Split-Half Reliability and test re-test reliability of Selected EEG Segments.

·  Dynamic and Flexible FFT and Normative Comparisons in the Editing Mode.

·  Eyes Open and Eyes Closed Lifespan Norms for Linked ears, average ref. and Current Source Density (CSD) and any bipolar combination of the 10/20 system

·  Re-Montage to any Reference Arrangement, e.g., Average reference or Current Source Density (CSD)

·  Export to  the Key Institute LORETA equations and the Montreal Neurological MRI Database (standard in NeuroGuide).

·  Time domain Output Files Formatted for Easy Import to LORETA Key Inst.

·  NeuroGuide Color Bar Graphs of the Direction and Magnitude of EEG Change Required to Normalize the EEG using EEG Biofeedback

·  EEG Coherence and EEG Phase Raw Values and Z – Score Normative Comparisons – Birth to 82 Years

·  Tab Delimited Output Files for easy importing into statistical programs and database management systems.

·  NeuroStat package for computing paired t-tests, ANOVA for pre vs. post treatment analysis as well as group comparisons (add on to the base price).

·  NeuroBatch programs for automatic processing of large numbers of EEG files (add on to the base price).

·  Raw or Edited EEG Printouts of Any Montage for Conventional EEG Analyses

·  FFT using a 0.5 Hz resolution and 1 Hz Color Maps from 0 to 50 Hz

·  Export edited EEG in Lexicor file format and ASCII

·  FFT Normative Power Ratios, including Z scores for Theta/Hi-Beta, Alpha/Hi-Beta & lo-Beta/Hi-Beta frequency bands

·  Mild Head Injury Discriminant Function and TBI EEG Severity Index (add on to the base price)

·  Learning Disability Discriminant Function (add on to the base price)

·  LORETA normative databases of linked ears, average reference, eyes open and eyes closed - birth to 82 years of age  (add on to the base price).

·  LORETA source correlations to evaluate dynamic connectivity

·  Brain Performance Index – Prediction of Neuropsychological test scores with a 95% confidence band and  including Full Scale IQ, Verbal I.Q. and Performance I.Q. (add on to the base price)

·  JTFA for Instantaneous power, coherence, phase and amplitude asymmetry.

·  JTFA feature detection to detect brain state changes such as drowsiness, sleep and spike & waves.

·  A built in Help manual including tutorials.

·  24 channel Mindset EEG acquisition (add on to the base price).

·  EEG Burst Metrics

·  Cross-Spectra power, co-spectrum and quad-spectrum for in-phase and out-of-phase EEG analyses

·  Complete 171 channel combination topographic maps

·  Phase Reset and Phase and Frequency Locking measures

·  Time Domain 3-Dimensional Source Localization for spike and wave and other conventional EEG analyses

·  Bi-Spectral Analyses including Log-Log plots of the spectrum and 1/f distributions

·  Up to 128 channel import capacity (128 channels are customized depending on labeling and channel order – email us at




Real-Time Feedback Between Reliable Artifact Free EEG and the QEEG




Re-Montage NeuroGuide Window – 85 channels is standard with custom 128 channel imports.   You can Select or Create any Montage

With Nearly Instant Screen Update Displays and Real-Time Comparisons to Norms



Eyes Open & Eyes Closed LifeSpan Norms, Birth to 82 yrs.  For Linked Ears, Ave. Reference and Current Source Density (CSD)









Standard Features of NeuroGuide Deluxe (Basic) Including LifeSpan Norms

Price: $2,995

EEG Coherence, Phase, Amp. Asym., Rel. Power, Power Ratios Eyes Closed LifeSpan Norms, Dynamic Split-Half Reliability, Dynamic FFT Editing, Automatic Artifact Rejection, Outputs to be used for LORETA 3D Localization, Launch the Key Institute LORETA Viewer, LORETA normative database (birth to 82 years), Tab Delimited Output, Conventional EEG Print Outs, Color Bar Graphs for Minimization of Z Scores, Eyes Open and Eyes Closed Linked Ears, Average Reference and Current Source Density Norms (i.e., Laplacian Norms), Lexicor Export, ASCII Export and multiple EEG file import, EEG burst metrics, time domain LORETA


·  Z-Score tables and connection maps for Coherence, Phase, Asymmetry, Relative Power.

·  Tab Delimited Raw-Score and Z-Scores Exportable to Excel, Systat, SPSS and all Database Management programs. 

·  Topographic maps for Raw-Score and Z-Score Relative Power in 4 frequency bands

·  Topographic maps for Absolute and Relative Power Band Ratios, including Gamma frequencies (d/q, d/a, d/b; d/γ, q/a, q/b, θ/γ, α/ β, α/γ, β/γ).

·  FFT Absolute and Relative Power in Tab Delimited Format

·  Split-Half Reliability Values for Each Channel and an Average Reliability Score all in Tab Delimited Format

·  FFT Absolute and Relative Power in 0.5 Hz resolution from 0 to 50 Hz

·  Color Bar Graphs of Raw Scores and Z scores Showing how much the EEG must change so that the Z Score = 0

·  1 Hz Topographic Color Maps, from Delta to the Gamma Frequency Band including and Absolute Power and Relative Power Z scores

·  ASCII EEG Export and ASCII Digital EEG Printout as well as Export in Lexicor file format

·  Multiple EEG file import capabilities, e.g., ASCII, Lexicor, NeuroData, NeuroScan, Mindset, NeuroGuide, Mitsar, EDF, BrainMaster, Capscan, Cadwell

·  JTFA instantaneous power, coherence, phase and amplitude asymmetry

·  Import up to 128 channels (128 channel import customized to the users labeling and channel order)

·  JTFA feature detection to identify deviant EEG events and brain state changes such as drowsiness and sleep

·  LORETA current source analyses using the Key Inst. LORETA program

·  LORETA source correlation analyses to evaluate ROI coupling

·  Flexible report generator with adjustable color schemes and Z score ranges

·  First and second derivatives of the EEG time series

·  Export of JTFA values and derivates

·  Flexible export and print capabilities of the EEG traces

·  EEG Burst Metrics

·  Time Domain Source Localization for conventional EEG analysis

·  Event markers with flexible sorting routines


NeuroGuide Seamlessly Integrates to TBI and Learning Disability (LD) Discriminant Functions

and Correlations with Neuropsychological Tests (purchased as an add on to the basic system)




NeuroGuide’s NeuroStat ($600 Add On) Seamlessly Integrates Dedicated Comparative

Statistics EEG Pre vs. Post Treatment or Beginning Session vs. End of Session EEG

 and other comparisons


Scientific Publications That NeuroGuide is Based On:

EEG and Clinical Neurophysiol., 64: 123 - 143, 1986; Science, 236: 1110-1113, 1987; EEG and Clinical Neurophys., 73: 93-106, 1989;  Journal of Neuroimaging, 5, 35-45, 1995; J. Neurotrauma, 14: 1-14, 1997; NeuroImage, 8(4), 307-326, 1998. NeuroImage, 7: 352-367, 1998; Brain Injury, 12: 13-21, 1999;   J. Neuropsychiatry and Clin. Neuroscience 13(1): 77-87, 2001; Int. J. of Neuroscience, 107: 161-171, 2000;  Clinical Neurophysiology, 112: 1729-1745, 2001; J. of Neurotherapy, 7(3/4): 87 – 121, 2003; Clinical Neurophysiology, 36(2): 116 – 122, 2005; Human Brain Mapping, 28(2): 118-133, 2007; Clinical EEG and Neuroscience, 38(1): 35-48, 2007; Human Brain Mapping, Jan. 24, 2008.



Price and How To Order


Package Type (Introductory Offer)

Part No.


NeuroGuide DELUXE (Basic) EEG REVIEW and  Analysis System  (add ons are listed below)



·      LifeSpan Normative database – Eyes Open & Closed FFT and Eyes Closed  Birth to 82 years, Automatic artifact rejection, Launch LORETA Viewer

   Amplifier imports include: Lexicor NRS-24, NeuroNavigator NeuroScan, Misar, NeuroData, Cadwell MindSet, BrainMaster & CapScan, XLTEK, NeuroPrax, etc. 



in NeuroGuide (Basic)

·    A single Mild Head Injury Discriminant Function and TBI Severity Index  or LD Discriminant and Severity Index = $1,500.     Two Discrimiant Functions and severity indexes as a package = $2,000.

·      Purchase one discriminant function for $1,500  and then upgrade to a second for another $500






·   LORETA Current Density Normative Database – Birth to 82 years of Age



·   LORETA 3D Source Correlation Normative Database – Birth to 82 years of Age



*   NeuroBatch – Automatic Batch analysis software



·     NeuroStat – An Integrated QEEG Statistics Package



Brain Performance Index – Predict Neuropsychological Test Scores


$1, 500

Connectivity Suite ($600)



Dynamic Bi-Spectral Analyses ($600)



NeuroGuide for BrainMaster  (1 to 4 channels)  = $1,200


$1,200 (not an add on)

2 channel Z Score Biofeedback  = $895

4 channel Z Score Biofeedback  = $995

19 Channel Z Score Biofeedback = $1,895









EEG Acquisition as an Add On Module inside of NeuroGuide (Neuropulse or Discovery or Deymed)

NP1, Disc1 & Dey1


19 channel Surface EEG Biofeedback of Z scores. Includes power, coherence, phase, amplitude asymmetry, phase reset, Laplacian, Linked Ears & Ave. Reference.   Also Includes a Symptom Check list + Surface EEG Z Scores to Inform Protocol Selections



19 channel Surface EEG Biofeedback of Z scores – Includes all of NF1 + LORETA Z Scores to Inform Protocol Selections (must also purchase NF1 (NF1 + NF2 = $3,000)



3-Dimensional LORETA Z Score NeuroImaging – Real-Time Brodmann Area Z scores, “Functional Module” Z Scores, “Default Brain” Z Scores.  Includes a Symptom Check list + Surface EEG Z Scores + LORETA Z Scores to Inform Protocol Selections.  Must also purchase NF1 & NF2 before purchase of NF3 (Total package of NF1 + Nf2 + NF3 = $5,000)



Symptom Check List NF Protocol Generator add on (independent of NF1 – NF3).   Generates NF protocols based on qEEG analyses that can be exported.



NeuroGuide EEG Viewer (Standalone EEG Import, Edit & Export)



Standalone EEG Acquisition (not an add on to Neuroguide).   Only provides for acquisition and saving of EEG data



* Prices do not include costs for shipping and handling or sales tax, where applicable



 Ten month payment plan at 0% interest  is Possible – Call 727-244-0240






For further information:


Call:   (727) 244-0240; Fax: 727-392-1436


Write to:

Applied Neuroscience, Inc.

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NeuroGuide’s operates as a "Library function"  for information retrieval and analysis and as an "Accounting and Communications" function by accessing a table of age matched means and standard deviations from an approximate Gaussian Distribution and  computing age matched Z scores.   There is no intended use for NeuroGuide to provide a  medical diagnosis.   A trained and qualified person is required to edit the NeuroGuide EEG samples and to interpret the numbers based on their competence and training.  NeuroGuide should serve only as an adjunct or in combination to other information that the clinician may use to render a clinical judgment.  FDA 510k indications for use are by qualified medical or clinical professionals for the statistical evaluation of the human electroencephalogram (EEG) and competent students and scientists for research purposes.