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A Software Company

State of the art EEG software for clinical and research purposes and EEG biofeedback.   The binding idea behind the NeuroGuide product is conventional EEG and quantitative EEG simultaneously on the same screen at the same time.  Change references and montages with a mouse click like the lens of a telescope.  Immediate and dynamic comparisons to reference normative databases.  3-Dimensional imaging (tEEG) with in depth analyses of the sources of the EEG as well as the coupling dynamics.  Visual examination of the EEG tracings is augmented by artifact removal, power spectral analyses, comparisons to normative databases, discriminant fuctions, multivariate predictions of neuropsychological test performance,  Joint-Time-Frequency-Analyses (JTFA), re-montaging and LORETA 3-dimensional source analyses.   

Integrated with Neuroguide is seamless integration of qEEG assessment and EEG Neurofeedback and Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) treatment applications.   Methods to seamlessly link symptoms to unstable hubs and modules of functional networks are used to design a BCI treatment protocol with a few mouse clicks.   Intra and Inter-session progress charts provide immediate feedback to clinicians to maximally stabilize deregulated networks linked to symptoms.   Good clinical outcome with fewer sessions is the goal.  

A Service Company

Applied Neuroscience, Inc. staff is well trained and qualified in both clinical visual analysis of the EEG and quantitative analysis of the EEG (i.e., qEEG).  Services such as expert clinical report analysis and writing is available.   Medica-legal evaluations, including expert witnesses for deposition and hearings and court trials are available.   Research service contracts are available for specialized analyses and for the development of specialized software.


Applied Neuroscience, Inc. (ANI) was founded in 2001 and is currently registered in the State of Florida.  ANI houses digital EEG data from over 10,000 subjects that was collected over the past 40 years.  ANI also houses many MRIs and neuropsychological tests that have been correlated with EEG for both research and clinical validation studies.   The staff of ANI has either supervised or written clinical reports on over 10,000 patients, including traumatic brain injured patients, ADD, ADHD, strokes, tumors, epilepsy, depression and other clinical conditions.  

Future Goals

The goals are to continue to innovate and develop state of the art EEG analysis software.  To include better video and audio interaction, to better integrate visual analysis of EEG traces with JTFA methods, to develop coherence directed transfer functions and multivariate approaches to network dynamics, to better integrate EEG with SPECT, PET, fMRI and other imaging modalities.  Amplifier standardization and reliability and validity tests of digital EEG will always be an important part of the implementation of new technologies. 

Equally important is extending the precision and efficacy of the clinical application of non-invasive operant conditioning or BCI to reinforce stability in networks related to symptoms. 

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