• 3-Dimensional NeuroImaging of Functional Brain Networks

  • sLORETA of Brodmann Areas & sLORETA of Networks in Real-Time

  • Live Z scores of nodes and connections between nodes as measured by sLORETA Coherence and sLORETA Phase Differences.

Comparison of BrainSurfer and Avatar




sLORETA Z Scores-eyes closed
Birth – 82 years
Limited Age Range*
sLORETA Z Scores-eyes open
Birth – 82 years
Limited Age Range*
Proportional Colors  
Brodmann Areas  
Regions of Interest  
Available for 13 Different Amplifiers  
Realistic MRI Volume  
Network Dynamics  
sLORETA Coherence  
sLORETA Phase Difference  
sLORETA Phase Shift  
sLORETA Phase Lock  
Symptom Check List  
Session Rounds  
Progress Chart  
LORETA Z Scores Amygdala only

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* Uses FFT Means and Standard Deviations to Compute Instantaneous Z scores.  Brainmaster estimates about 8% difference, ANI 14% & BrainDx greater than 14% difference between the FFT mean and JTFA mean values computed on the same data.