NeuroLink Pro

NeuroLink Pro is a Stand-alone Product that Runs on PCs and soon Macs and provides a Self-Assessment of Symptoms Based on the NeuroGuide Symptom Checklist inside of the following Neurofeedback Module: 1 to 19 Channel Surface Z Score Neurofeedback Module (NF1), the sLORETA Z Score NFB (NF2), Surface Z Score Cross-frequency Neurofeedback (NF3), swLORETA Z Score Neurofeedback (swNF) and BrainSurfer (Surf).

The purpose of NeuroLink Pro and the NeuroLinkQ Phone App is increased efficiency, reduced time for assessment and increased accuracy of linking symptoms to the patient’s brain. The goal is to facilitate the assessment of symptom severity and then to import the severity index into NeuroGuide in order to design a Neurofeedback protocol targeted to the dysregulated network nodes and connections linked to the patient’s symptoms. Another goal of NeuroLink Pro is to efficiently compare changes in symptoms over sessions of treatment and give feedback to the clinician to adjust the Neurofeedback protocol.

Self-Assessment saves you time and helps you quickly link a Patient’s Symptoms to Networks in their Brain. NeuroGuide Neurofeedback users can easily import their Patient’s NeuroLink Pro result so they can target the most severe network(s). One can view the NeuroLink Pro session history to assess the quality of the Patient’s treatment.

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Watch how easy NeuroLink Pro is to use and how NeuroLink Pro can assist Clinicians in targeting a Client’s most sever dysregulated brain network(s) and immediately begin a course of treatment. View how a Clinician can quickly evaluate the Client’s treatment after the second self-assessment, thus helping the Client along their road to recovery.

NeuroLink Pro Manual

NeuroLink Pro Manual

NeuroLink is a Stand-alone product that runs on PCs and Macs and provides a self-assessment of symptoms based on the NeuroGuide symptom checklist inside of the Surface Z Score Neurofeedback Module, the LORETA Z Score Neurofeedback Module and BrainSurfer.

NeuroLink Pro Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

To download NeuroLink Pro, Go to our Download page and fill out the form and click on the Submit button. After you have submitted your information, check the Inbox of the email address you provided on the form for the email that contains the link to download the file. If you do not see the email in your Inbox please check your Spam folder, or check the Inbox of all other email addresses you use.

Visit the following link and select one of the three available Assessment packages:

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To download the NeuroLinkQ App from the App Store or Google Play or for your older Android Phone, visit the Be a NeuroGuide – NeuroLinkQ Provider page and scroll to the bottom of page and click one of the download button in middle . You will either be taken to the NeuroLinkQ App at the App Store or on Google Play, you can then click on the Install button to install the App on your phone.  Else, if you have an older android smartphone you can download the app directly to your phone and install it.

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