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The Most Affordable and Comprehensive Conventional EEG & QEEG System Available: Dynamic EEG Databases, swLORETA, Discriminants, Power, Coherence, Phase, JTFA, Burst Metrics, Statistics, Instantaneous Coherence & Phase Reset, Phase Locking & Phase Shift Duration, Batch Processing, Cross-Frequency Spectra & Neurofeedback with 3-D Imaging.


View Dynamic Color Maps While Recording an EEG

Automatic Clinical Report Writer

View a Report being Generated in Microsoft Office Word

NeuroGuide™ Neurofeedback

View NFB Protocol Generation using the Symptom Check List


with Current Density Z-Score

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What Our Clients Say About NeuroGuide™

“I’m very happy with the results. The report format is very user friendly and allows the clinician to edit with great ease and facility. It is my pleasure to be affiliated with you and your colleagues. I applaud the contributions you’re making to the field neuroscience.”

Perri Johnson, Ph.D.

“I use NeuroGuide extensively and have greatly appreciated its versatility, and ability through remontaging to obtain very detailed analysis of EEG patterns. It has helped greatly in developing neurofeedback protocols. Keep up its excellent development.”

Joel F. Lubar Ph.D., University of Tennessee

“NeuroGuide is indeed a wonderful program with exceptional utility in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of neuropsychological conditions. It is remarkably detailed and helpful in zeroing in on subtle pathologies that might well be missed without it.”

Alfred Collins, Ph.D. , Anchorage, AK

We Strive to Improve the Quality of Education, Research and the Clinical Applications of EEG

NeuroGuide™ users are Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Psychologists, Neuropsychologists, Mental Health Providers, Researchers and Students. They generally share a strong  interest in the Human Mind and the Human Brain. NeuroGuide™ is a “Tool Set” that a Clinician or Researcher can apply to help link symptoms and behavior to functional networks in the brain. One of the tools is EEG Neuro Imaging to evaluate Brodmann Areas and nodes and connections of functional networks in the brain likely linked to symptoms, statically or in real-time.  NeuroGuide™, like a microscope/telescope enhances the clinical application of Conventional and Quantitative Electroencephalography qEEG and is easy to use technology fully instep with the 21st Century.

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