Our Team

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Robert W. Thatcher, Ph.D.
Robert W. Thatcher, Ph.D.President and CEO
Carl J. Biver, Ph.D.
Carl J. Biver, Ph.D.Vice President and Senior Programmer
Duane M. North, M.S.
Duane M. North, M.S.Database Management and Statistical Analyst
Emin Eralp, B.S.
Emin Eralp, B.S.COO, Project Manager, Marketing and Customer Support
Rebecca A. Walker, B.S.
Rebecca A. Walker, B.S.Programmer/Data Analyst, Graphic Designer, Sales & Marketing, Customer Support
Ernesto Palmero Soler, Ph.D.
Ernesto Palmero Soler, Ph.D.Branch Manager (France), Programmer, Customer Support, Training
Seid Vehabovic, B.S.
Seid Vehabovic, B.S.Sales & Marketing, Customer Support
Rebecca McAlaster, Ph.D.
Rebecca McAlaster, Ph.D.Psychologist