NeuroGuide is Affordable Because of Flexible Financing

You can select the payment plan that best suits you and then pay for NeuroGuide or Bundled Hardware and even Whole Turnkey Products over time as your clinic offers services to your clients. 90 days to 6 months deferred payment are two of the financing options. First determine the NeuroGuide products and bundled options that best suit you. Contact ANI by email or telephone and consult about your needs and what best meets your needs and then receive an initial quote (call: 727-434-5748 or email [email protected]). If not satisfied request a new quote and don’t worry – multiple iterations are good and expected. Then use one or more of the financing options below to receive a monthly payment and at NO obligation. You can receive as many monthly payment scenarios as you want in the process of determining the best financing plan for you. After you decide and arrange for financing then contact ANI at: [email protected] and inform ANI of your decision. Once the financing is finalized then download and install the latest release of NeuroGuide, install and launch NeuroGuide and then copy and paste the Key A into an email to [email protected] to unlock NeuroGuide on your computer – it is that simple. You can be up and running in a short period of time!

Financing with

Reasons to work with Partners Capital

  • 90 Days Same as Cash
  • 0% Financing Promotions
  • Deferred Payments (Up to 12 Months)
  • 100% Prefunding, get paid today!
  • $500k approvals with no banks or tax returns
  • Direct Lender since 2005 (17 years’ experience)
  • Same Day Funding (DocuSign & E-Notary)
  • Start-Ups, A, B, C and D Credits

Choose the software and/or the equipment you need from us and Partners Capital will provide you with flexible financing plans.


  1. Capital Lease or $1 (or $101, depending on your state tax laws) Purchase Option
  2. True Lease – Operating Lease – Fair Market Value Lease
  3. Rental Agreement
  4. Equipment Finance Agreement

Apply using the button below or Call Drew Pinniger, Account Executive at (949) 315-7968 or (949) 916-3900 to discuss your finance option and choose how many deferred payments you want, up to 6 month*.

Financing with

Choose the Software you need from us and Crest Capital will provide you with no-hassle financing.

Choose the Equipment you need from us and Crest Capital will provide you with no-hassle financing.

To instantly receive an email listing quotes for 24, 36, 48, 60 and possibly 72 months with the following three payment options:

  1. Loan or $1 Purchase Option 
  2. 10% Purchase Option 
  3. Fair Market Value Purchase Option

Look over the monthly payment options and then Apply using the button below or Call Gary Evonsion at 1-678-585-6528 or 1-800-245-1213 ext. 166 to discuss your finance option and ask about Crest Capital’s  6 month deferred payment plans.

Financing with Marlin

You can’t afford to wait for new equipment. Now you don’t have to. With Marlin*, you can get the new equipment you need today and pay for it over time.

No matter the size of your business, effectively managing cash flow is crucial to your success. With equipment financing through Marlin, you can get the new equipment you need with a plan that fits your budget—without tapping into your business capital. Since 1997, we’ve partnered with more than 25,000 dealers, manufacturers and distributors and over 400,000 small businesses to provide customized financing solutions.

Why Finance with Marlin:

  • 100% Financing – Unlike some loan programs, you can finance 100% of your equipment.
  • Flexibility – As your business grows and needs change, you will be able to upgrade equipment at any point during the financing term.
  • Fast Processing – Most applications are processed within 2 hours.
  • Improved Cash Flow – With no hefty down payments and affordable monthly payments, you can keep your cash flow going.
  • Flexible Terms – Marlin offers flexible terms that can fit your needs.
  • Frees up Lines of Credit – Save your bank lines of credit for other emergencies.
  • Tax Benefits – You may qualify to take advantage of generous IRS tax savings and realize savings that are greater than what you pay in the first year of your contract.
  • Fixed Monthly Payments – More accurately forecast spending.

5 Steps to Prepare your Business for Success

  1. Shop – Shop online or in-person to find the equipment or software solution you need for your business
  2. Apply – Click “apply today” on this page to complete a simple online credit application
  3. Sign – Once approved, sign the finance agreement
  4. Receive – Receive your brand-new equipment
  5. Pay – Make affordable monthly payments

* Marlin’s financing options are available to commercial customers located in the United States. If you’re a Canadian based customer, Marlin can help you find alternative financing sources based in Canada.

Financing Your Software with ANI

NeuroGuide Software is Affordable: Pay By 10 Monthly Payments with only a 5% Service Charge.

A ten month payment plan for credit card holders is available which makes NeuroGuide Software more affordable.  Consult the Price List and then contact us at [email protected] and ask for advices as to what you need or tell us what you want to purchase and request a quote indicating your monthly payment. This payment plan is only for software and not amplifiers or hardware.

You can Download the Free Demo Version of NeuroGuide today. Once you have made the first credit card payment then email the NeuroGuide Security Key A, the sequence of encrypted letters and numbers that appears when you activate the Demo, to [email protected]. A temporary license will be activated on the ANI Server and you will be able to use NeuroGuide.

If we are unable to charge your credit card for one or more of the remaining payments, we will temporarily deactivate the NeuroGuide License until we receive updated credit card information and we are able to charge the unpaid payment(s).  If you credit card company sends you a new card, immediately notify us of the new expiration date and card verification/security code if the number is the same.  If the company has issued you an entirely new card or you wish to put the remaining payments on a different credit card, contact us with the new card number, expiration date and card verification/security code.

Once all 10 payments are made, then a permanent license will be registered on the ANI server. This is a single user computer license.  A second license for a 2nd computer is available at 1/2 the full price. A third license is full price and a forth is 1/2 price. 

To receive NeuroGuide on a USB by regular mail there is a:

  • $100 U.S. for shipping and handling added to the License price with a 1 – 3 day delivery time;  or
  • $145 International shipping and handling charge added to the License price with a 10 – 30 day delivery time, depending on the Customs and Trade Regulations of the Designated Country.  Plus the VAT, if any, is the responsibility of the customer.

Please email us at [email protected] or call 727-434-5748 or 727-804-3596 to discuss NeuroGuide and what else you want to purchase, if anything, the payment plan and/or to place an order. To bypass the financing option simply click the Add-to-Cart buttons on our Prices & Order Table webpage.