Medical Legal Services

Expert Evaluation

Board qualified individuals evaluate a client’s conventional EEG tracings as well as the quantitative analyses of the EEG.   A board certified Neurologist is available to evaluate the conventional EEG and a board qualified Ph.D. is available to evaluate the quantitative EEG.

Expert Testimony

Board qualified experts are available to write reports, give depositions and testify in court.

Frye and Daubert Standards of Admissibility

Experts who are well versed and experienced in court cases and in the Frye standards of admissibility of evidence are available.

Required Evidence:  Date of Birth, Date & Time of EEG Recording, State of Consciousness, Medications at the time of Recording, Clinical History/Symptoms, EEG Machine, Recording Reference and  Access to the Original Raw Digital Data.

All experts need the above facts and if possible other facts to render a judgement as to the relevance of the EEG in a given circumstance and history.