Terms and Conditions

NeuroGuide License Purchase and Activation:

NeuroGuide Software can be downloaded at any time and will work in demo mode where the customer can use nearly all the options of NeuroGuide with the demo EEG provided inside. Once payment has been received for NeuroGuide Licenses and/or purchased add-on will be activated Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm EST, after Applied Neuroscience, Inc. has received a NeuroGuide Security A, along with:

The information requested when one clicks on the Create License Activation Text file found On the NeuroGuide Security Key window after accepting the License Agreement, if the purchase was for a New Customer and/or a new NeuroGuide License for an existing Customer; or

The NeuroGuide License ID and NeuroGuide Licensee’s Name or Customer ID that can be located by Clicking on Help and selecting License Information, if  purchase was of an Add-on(s) for an existing NeuroGuide License.

No refunds or returns on NeuroGuide software, after the License has been activated.

Each new NeuroGuide License comes with a one-year Update Subscription at no charge and we offer free technical support for all NeuroGuide Software.

ANI Z Score Biofeedback DLL License Purchase and Activation Policy:

Customer must purchase an ANI Z Score DLL from one of the following Distributors:

  • 2, 4 or 19 channel DLL  from Mind Media USA (formally Stens) or Mind Media for the NeXus;
  • 2, 4 or 19 Channel DLL from NeuroField for the Q20/Q21;
  • 2 or 4 channel DLL for the Atlantis or a 2, 4 or 19 Channel DLL for the Discovery  from BrainMaster;
  • 2 or 4 Channel DLL from Thought Technology for the BioGraph Infiniti; and
  • 2 channel DLL for the DeyMed from Deymed, Ronan Medical or Applied Neuroscience, Inc.

After receiving a Purchase Order for an ANI Z Score Biofeedback DLL, Applied Neuroscience, Inc. will issue two (2) and only 2 B Keys for each ANI Z Score Biofeedback DLL purchased. In other words, ANI will issue the 2nd Key B, upon request for a License Transfer of said ANI Z Score Biofeedback DLL to a new computer.

There is a $300 charge for one (1) Replacement or Transfer Key B for any of the ANI Z Score DLL purchased through one of our Distributors after the first 2 Key Bs have been issued, with a maximum of one license transfer per year per licensee.  In addition, User must personally email [email protected] and Certify that the computer has crashed or that they have removed the DLL from the previous computer. Furthermore, the user must promise not to run the DLL on more than one computer, prior to ANI issuing a Transfer or Replacement Key B.

License Transfer Policy:

Under FDA rules and US Copyright laws no transfers of a NeuroGuide License or an ANI Z Score Biofeedback DLL License are permitted.  Any attempt to transfer a NeuroGuide License is a violation of copyright law as explained in the copyright notice when NeuroGuide is launched.  Further more, if at any time ANI becomes aware of anyone having sold or given their NeuroGuide license to another person, said License will be immediately deactivated.

Also, once a permanent ANI Z Score DLL Key B has issued to a customer then the license is forever active and can not be transferred to a different person.

Equipment Purchases:

After the payment is received allow 4-8 weeks for the delivery of the NeuroGuide Dry or CGX/Cognionic Headset, for all other equipment allow 2-4 weeks. Given the issues with manufacturing caused by COVID, the  expected delivery delivery dates may be even longer.

If On-site training is purchased, said training must be scheduled for two weeks or more after the delivery of the Headset to Applied Neuroscience, Inc. (depending on flight schedules, and availability of trainer). In addition, the Customer is responsible for Air Fare, Transportation and Lodging costs as well as the $1,500 non-refundable training fee.

The extended warrantee of the NeuroGuide Dry Headset, if purchased, covers any damage to the headset as well as ground shipping costs as specified in the Extended Customer Support and Service Agreement. It also allows the user to send the unit to the factory for refurbishment at a discounted rate.

Equipment Return Policy:

No refunds on equipment, including but not limited to Headsets and other amplifiers, after 30 days from the original date of shipment and there is a 20% restocking fee in effect for equipment. The equipment must be returned to Applied Neuroscience, Inc. in new condition with our approval prior to the 30 days mentioned above. In addition, the equipment must be insured prior to shipment and Applied Neuroscience, Inc. must be provided with the tracking number, for the shipment.  If the equipment has been used or misused in any way, then the cost for refurbishing or replacing any missing parts will be deducted from the refund.

No refunds for used equipment, including but not limited to Headsets and other amplifiers.

Customers that have purchased through a Distributor must follow the Distributor’s Return Policy.

Past Due Amounts:

After a Purchase Order has been sent to and received by Applied Neuroscience, Inc. an Invoice will issued. Payment is expected in full within 30 days of the date of the Purchase Order.  Service charge will be added to the amount due, as follows, if unpaid after:

  • 30-60 days  5% of total invoice amount and the software purchased will be deactivated after 40 days until payment is received.
  • 61-90 days  10% of total amount due and the software purchased will remain deactivated until payment in full is received.
  • 91 days and over  15% of total amount due and the software purchased will remain deactivated until payment in full is received

If paying by Wire Transfer make sure to email us a copy of Confirmation of the Transfer.  If paying via PayPal email us a copy of Confirmation of the PayPal Transaction. If paying by check, make the check payable to: Applied Neuroscience, Inc.

Regardless of the Payment method used include the Purchase Order Number(s) or Customer’s Name(s) with your payment confirmation.

Customers and/or Distributors will be charged a $20 fee ($30 for an international check) when a check which has been deposited to Applied Neuroscience, Inc.’s account is returned unpaid in addition to any other fee(s) that may apply to said purchase, mentioned above.