This is an error that appears immediately when you run NeuroGuide and will not let you proceed.

Here is the reason we are getting this error and the solution:

This is generated when NeuroGuide cannot find the Microsoft C++ Runtime DLL it needs to run. Normally all compilers include this .DLL as part of the build. However, the new policy issued by Microsoft is to EXCLUDE this .dll from the compile, since they will be including it in all computers themselves and when developers include this file themselves, it causes security issues. In keeping with this new policy the new version of QT left this file out. This was the first version where this .DLL was not included. Therefore, people with older Windows versions and/or those that did whose updates were not current, did not have the required Microsoft C++ redistributable .dll to run NeuroGuide, hence the error.

The solution is as follows:

1. Go to this link:

2. Download and run vc_redist.x86.exe.

3. Make sure to reboot the computer

4. Run NeuroGuide again and check to see if it works.