Discriminant Functions for a 2nd NG License


Learning Disabilities (LD) and the mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Discriminant Functions* for a 2nd NeuroGuide License.

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Discriminant Functions* for a 2nd NeuroGuide License

Pattern recognition programs to provide a probability of the detection of a pattern in the EEG that is commonly present in patients with a history of Mild Traumatic Brain Injured (University of Maryland publication) and the Department of Defense Discriminant Function and patients with a history of Learning Disability.

*  Please note that only EEG recorded using a Linked Ears reference is to be used with the discriminant functions. Some amplifier systems such as the Mitsar, Nicolet and Neuroscan/NuAmp/Synamp amplifiers are not to be used to evaluate the discriminant functions.  Also, other constraints such as age must be adhered to as well as only patients with a history of learning disabilities or a history of mild traumatic brain injury are to be evaluated. The mTBI discriminant function is not designed to evaluate moderate to severe TBI, only individuals with a history of Mild TBI should be evaluated with the TBI discriminant function. Discriminant functions are not to be used for purposes of diagnosis, but rather to confirm or disconfirm a hypothesis and to statistically evaluate the EEG. Under FDA filings only competent and qualified individuals are to use NeuroGuide and the discriminant functions.

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