LORETA Coherence and Phase Differences for a 2nd NG License


LORETA Coherence and Phase Differences Normative Database for a 2nd NeuroGuide License.

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LORETA Coherence and Phase Normative Database
for a 2nd NeuroGuide License

LORETA coherence and phase differences were computed by using cross-spectral analysis of Hilbert transforms of the current sources from the center voxels of each of 44 Brodmann areas in the left and right hemisphere in eight different frequency bands. The frequency bands were: delta 1-4 Hz; theta 4-7 Hz; alpha-1 8-10 Hz; alpha-2 10-12 Hz; beta-1 12-15 Hz; beta-2 15-18 Hz; beta-3 18-25 Hz; gamma or hi-beta 25-30 Hz. Increases and decreases in coherence and phase demonstrated a distinct pattern that is spatially ordered based on the Euclidean distance from a given Brodmann area. Volume conduction can not explain horizontal alternating blue and yellow-to-red lines except the hypothesized action of ‘U’ shaped cortico-cortical fibers because the distance between the horizontal bands are approximately those of the cortico-cortical ‘U’ shaped fiber distances.

The LORETA Coherence and Phase normative database Z Scores are an add on product.

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