NeuroGuide Dry Platinum+


The Platinum package include Wearable Sensing’s DSI 24 System + NeuroGuide™ (NG) + NeuroGuide™ Collection module for the DSI (NC-DSI) + swLORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback (swNF). For Research Only. Save $1,295.00

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NeuroGuide Dry Platinum: DSI-24 with NeuroGuide
+ NG Collection Module  for the DSI + swNF

Available for Research Only

Wearable Sensing’s DSI-24 Dry Amplifier/Headset  – Bundled with NeuroGuide.  Bundled packages are the least expensive and highest quality in the industry. Bundled products are significantly discounted because they include EEG amplifiers and NeuroGuide™.  Prices for NeuroGuide™  Add-ons that are not bundled with EEG amplifiers are available on our Price and Order Table webpage.

The Platinum package include NeuroGuide™ (NG) + NG Collection Module (NC-DSI) + swLORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback (swNF) and one year of free NeuroGuide software updates!

DSI-24 Systems with 24-Channel Wireless Digitizer Include:

  • Twenty (20) active dry sensors at 10/20 international system locations
  • One (1) Common Mode Follower (CMF) reference sensor & ground
  • One (1) easy to don, comfortable and long-term wearable headset
  • One (1) 24-channel digitizer/amplifier & BlueTooth wireless transmitter
  • Two (2) hot-swappable batteries, which means that the headset will keep working without interruption if one battery is taken out and replaced
  • A set of replacement electrodes
  • A spare set of comfort pads
  • Associated cables, supplies and user manuals (1 Printed & 2 PDF)
  • Streamer – data acquisition software
  • A heavy duty carrying case with foam inserts
  • Each systems come with a standard 90-day Warranty; Annual extended support packages are available
  • Certificate of Conformance

Setup and Training 

US Setup & Training  Must be Added to US Orders. Onsite setup and training does not include expenses for travel and lodging which are the responsibility of the purchaser. There will be an extra charge for setup & training outside of the US.

The monthly financing payments depends on customers credit and is determined by the financing companies. Visit our Finance bpage and send an application and evaluate the quoted rates and terms of financing. Be sure to include the required training and setup charge and the Technical Support and Service Contract and other items such as comfort pads or extra electrode tips in your financing application. You can also add any of our NeuroGuide™ add-ons to the financing application as well.

Email [email protected] to obtain a quote that includes the required fee for international Set-up & Training, and international Shipping & Handling, plus any extra items or any NeuroGuide™ add-ons you may want to purchase.


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