NeuroLink Pro*

NeuroLink Pro is a Stand-alone product that runs on PCs, iPads and Macs. NeuroLink Pro provides a self-assessment of symptoms based on the NeuroGuide™ symptom checklist inside of the Surface Z Score Neurofeedback Module, the sLORETA Z Score Neurofeedback Module, Surface Cross Frequency Z Score Neurofeedback, swLORETA Z Score Neurofeedback and BrainSurfer.

Once you have paid for NeuroLink Pro Assessments we will add your email address, the number of NeuroLink Assessments you purchased and your Temporary Password to the ANI Server. One NeuroLink Assessment will be decremented the first time you want to review the results a test that was taken.

NeuroLink Pro Assessments will be added to your Customer Account between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm EST on weekdays. If NeuroLink Pro Assessments are purchased on a Friday after 3:00 pm then the NeuroLink Pro Assessments will be added on the following Monday.

NeuroLink Pro Assessments are sold in bundles. Choose 10, 25, or 50 assessments.

* Must own NeuroGuide™ v 2.8.5 or greater to import NeuroLink Self-Assessment data files into NeuroGuide™.

NeuroLink Pro Help Manual