NGA with BrainSurfer via 10 Payments

$420.00 / month for 10 months

Purchase NeuroGuide for Collection with BrainSurfer (NGA + Surf) via our 10 Month Subscription Plan.  NGA with Surf $4,000 + $200 Fee for 10 Payment Plan = $4,200/10 months = $420 a month for 10 months.

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NeuroGuide for Collection with BrainSurfer
via 10 Month Payment Plan

NGA + BrainSurfer is Stand alone EEG acquisition – useful for Satellite Clinics – not necessary to purchase NeuroGuide. No qEEG or editing capability.  You must indicate in the comment section when you purchase which one of the following amplifiers you will be using (ANT, BrainMaster Discovery with SN, NeuroField (Q20), Deymed, Neuropulse, NeuronSpectrum, BrainAmp, Mitsar, Nexus, Biosignal,  Medicom, Neuroelectrics (Enobio & Startim), CGX/Cognionics, or Wearable Sensing). If you forget to specify which amplifier you will be using, forward you email receipt to and include the name of the amplifier. 

$4,000 for NGA with BrainSurfer

+ $200 5% Fee for 10 Payment Plan

= $4,200 /10 months = $420 a month for 10 months



Documentation on EEG collection & 1 to 19 channel Z Score neurofeedback modules




Video demo of Z SCORE biofeedback

Video introduction to Z Scores biofeedback by Robert Thatcher, Ph.D.

Download Video Files for the NeuroGuide Multimedia Player

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