Surface Cross-Frequency Phase Amplitude for a 2nd NeuroGuide License


Surface Cross-Frequency Phase Amplitude Normative Database for a 2nd NeuroGuide License.

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Surface Cross-Frequency Phase Amplitude Normative Database
for a 2nd NeuroGuide License

The amplitude of higher EEG frequencies (e.g., beta) are related to the phase of lower EEG frequencies (e.g., theta). Therefore, this is a surface EEG measure of the correlation between the phase and amplitude of the EEG across frequencies and scalp locations, for example delta and beta or theta and alpha-2 or theta and high beta (Gamma), etc. This is a unique and important metric that in part reflects the coupling between the upper cortical layers (I-III that generate beta) and the lower cortical layers (V-VI) that generate delta and theta. This add-on quantifies the coupling and provides a normative database comparison (Z scores) to help link symptoms to dysregulation in the brain.

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