2, 4 & 19 Channel Instantaneous Z Score EEG Biofeedback

In 2004 Applied Neuroscience, Inc. invented Z score EEG biofeedback. The 1st real-time or “live” Z score controlling biofeedback was distributed as a dynamic link library (DLL) to companies in 2004.  Later an agreements was formed with NeuroField who wanted to use their software environment to add Z scores based on the raw values computed in about 1 microsecond or in real-time for 2, 4 and 19 channels.

  • 2 Channel Z Score DLL ……………$895
  • 4 Channel Z Score DLL ………….. $995
  • 19 Channel Z Score DLL ………. $2,000

An example of a potential use of instantaneous statistical analyses of the EEG is in EEG Biofeedback where the moment to moment comparison to a reference normal group of subjects is computed in real-time. The idea is to use Z Scores as a threshold and to reinforce Z = 0, or Z = + or – 1, or a range of Z Scores depending on the judgment of the qualified biofeedback specialist. The use of Z scores for biofeedback reduces the complexity of biofeedback of voltages and ratios and coherence, etc. to a single metric, the metric of a Z Score (i.e., Z = (mean-subject)/standard deviation). No longer wonder if coherence should increase or decrease or phase delay should shorten or lengthen or absolute power should increase or decrease for a given scalp location or a given age.

The Z Score biofeedback program is released by DeyMed, Inc., Brainmaster, Inc., Thought Technology, Ltd., Advanced Brain Monitoring and Mind Media, Inc (NeXus), and NeuroField. Each company uses their respective hardware and software environments to implement the Z Score program dynamic link library for purposes of biofeedback. Please contact the NeuroField to read documentation about exactly how they implemented the program and exactly how it works inside of their individual and well tested biofeedback environments. A permanent license will be issued once we receive your ANI Z Score Biofeedback DLL Key A generated using the NeuroField Software.  A 2nd ANI Biofeedback Z Score DLL license requires an additional purchase.

No License transfers from one single-user to a another person is permitted as per the US Copyright agreement agreed to when activating the DLL program.