2 & 4 Channel Instantaneous Z Score EEG Biofeedback

In 2004 Applied Neuroscience, Inc. invented Z score EEG biofeedback. The 1st real-time or “live” Z score controlling biofeedback was distributed as a dynamic link library (DLL) to companies in 2004.  Later an agreements was formed with MindMedia who wanted to use their software environment to add Z scores based on the raw values computed in about 1 microsecond or in real-time for 2 and 4 channels.

  • 2 Channel Z Score DLL …………… $895  — Distributor Discount Price is $537
  • 4 Channel Z Score DLL …………… $995  — Distributor Discount Price is $597

An example of a potential use of instantaneous statistical analyses of the EEG is in EEG Biofeedback where the moment to moment comparison to a reference normal group of subjects is computed in real-time. The idea is to use Z Scores as a threshold and to reinforce Z = 0, or Z = + or – 1, or a range of Z Scores depending on the judgment of the qualified biofeedback specialist. The use of Z scores for biofeedback reduces the complexity of biofeedback of voltages and ratios and coherence, etc. to a single metric, the metric of a Z Score (i.e., Z = (mean-subject)/standard deviation). No longer wonder if coherence should increase or decrease or phase delay should shorten or lengthen or absolute power should increase or decrease for a given scalp location or a given age.

The Z Score biofeedback program is released by Mind Media (NeXus), DeyMed, Brainmaster, Thought Technology, NeuroField, and Advanced Brain Monitoring. Each company uses their respective hardware and software environments to implement the Z Score program dynamic link library for purposes of biofeedback. A permanent license will be issued once we receive the customer’s ANI Z Score Biofeedback DLL Key A generated using the BioTrace Software.  A 2nd ANI Biofeedback Z Score DLL license requires an additional purchase.

No License transfers from one single-user to a another person is permitted as per the US Copyright agreement agreed to when activating the DLL program.