NeuroNavigator’s NaviStat for 2nd License


Add the NeuroNavigator’s NaviStat (NNNS-2) addon to your 2nd License NeuroGuide. Must have  a 2nd License NeuroGuide with the NeuroNavigator before purchasing.

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2nd License NaviStat for the NeuroNavigator

NaviStat is based on our flagship swLORETA product NeuroNavigator, enhanced with the statistical power of NeuroStat, currently making it the most powerful QEEG comparison program available.  NaviStat can compare 2 individual QEEG Conditions or compare changes between 2 groups. With its multi window design the two conditions, along with the resultant comparison can be viewed.

With it’s intuitive user interface, modeled after ANI’s NeuroNavigator, it is easy to explore all aspects and changes between 2 electrophysiological conditions, equally for individuals and for groups.

Here are some of the options that are available in NaviStat:

  • Uses Raw and Z-Score Data
  • The mean or standard deviation data can be viewed.
  • Differences can be viewed as absolute differences, percent differences, z-scores and t-values
  • The statistical comparisons can be viewed as statistical values (z or t) or as p values
  • The changes in the individual frequencies or in bands can be viewed.
  • All windows can be zoomed to further explore the changes.
  • The dock-able data table can be moved to a second monitor and/or another location on the screen.
  • All the options available in NeuroNavigator, are available in NaviStat.


  • Functional Connectivity and Effective Connectivity comparisons.
  • Diffusion Tensor imaging overlay for NaviStat.

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